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Hepatita tip C

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 Romania, Timisoara
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Am o prietena foarte buna care cu cativa ani in urma a fost depistata ca purtatoare a virusului hepatic tip C. Cu toate ca-l primise cu vreo 15 ani in urma, in timpul unei transfuzii, nu s-a imbolnavit era doar purtatoare.
A urmat timp de 2 ani un tratament al dr. Ciuhri cu diferite extracte din insecte si analizele i s-au negativat iar in prezent este bine sanatoasa, s-a casatorit si a emigrat in USA (din cate am inteles americanii n-au fi primit-o daca'ar fi fost pozitiva de HCV).
Prietena mea a inceput foarte sceptica tratamentul cu extracte de insecte, la fel am fost si eu, dr. Ciuhri insa i-a spus de la inceput ca se va negativa, deci va dati seama ce surpiza si bucurie a fost cand chiar a scapat de aceasta cumplita boala.
Nu stiu cat de eficent este acest tratament daca boala e deja instalata, insa pentru pozitivi sanatosi (deocamdata) e solutia ideala.

Mire-mama de fetita frumoasa
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 Romania, buc.
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Trimis la: - 19/05/2006 :  09:26:15 Link direct catre acest raspuns  Arata profilul Adauga semn de carte la raspuns
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Tuesday, January 10, 2006 2006-01-02-OTHER

U of S Researchers Develop New Vaccine Candidate Against Hepatitis C

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan's Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) have developed a vaccine candidate for hepatitis C, leading to hope in the fight against a

disease for which no vaccines are
yet available.
VIDO is the first in Canada to show that this vaccination technique may be effective against HCV. The study was published in this month's Journal of General Virology.
The team, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Network for Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics (CANVAC), produced a vaccine candidate that

decreased the amount of a carrier virus expressing
hepatitis C virus (HCV) protein in mice by 100,000 times compared to the control.
"This technique uses the body's own cells, called dendritic cells, to vaccinate against hepatitis C," said Dr. Bhagirath Singh, Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity.
Dendritic cells are key components of the immune system, activating and shaping the immune response. "The vaccine reduced the amount of hepatitis C protein in a highly significant manner," he

said. "This offers a very promising approach to prevent liver disease caused by the virus and to ultimately eliminate it from the body."
About 20 per cent of people who contract HCV overcome the virus on their own. For those who develop chronic hepatitis, the immune system cannot clear the infection.
"In patients with chronic hepatitis C, there is evidence that the function of their dendritic cells is altered," said Sylvia van den Hurk, senior VIDO scientist and member of the research team that

developed the vaccine candidate.
"We thought that if we could 'teach' the dendritic cells how to properly activate the immune response and deliver them back to the patient as a vaccine, the patients would clear or at least control the

HCV is the leading cause for liver transplants in the western world, and its annual death toll is expected to triple in the next 10 years. Worldwide, there are about five times more people infected by

HCV than with the HIV virus. Treatment of hepatitis C, which like HIV is spread by blood-to-blood contact, is costly and ineffective in about half the patients.
Researchers working in this field have a tough job, says van den Hurk. "The hepatitis C virus is always mutating. For example, one patient can be infected with a strain that spawns sub-strains

with different sequences. They are all present at the same time, in the same patient."
The VIDO vaccine uses a viral protein that is common among different strains, ensuring that the vaccine will be effective against them. The researchers exposed dendritic cells in vitro to a HCV

protein. The cells were also exposed to a strong immune stimulator to increase the immune response and then injected into mice as a vaccine. Because HCV does not infect mice, mice were

challenged with a carrier virus containing the hepatitis C protein. The levels of HCV protein in immunized mice using this
model were five orders of magnitude lower than the control.
Co-authors on the study include Hong Yu, a post-doctoral fellow at VIDO and recipient of a National Canadian Research Training Program in Hepatitis C post-doctoral fellowship award, and

VIDO director Lorne Babiuk. Hui Huang and Jim Xiang are members of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.
VIDO is recognized by the scientific community as a world leader in RandD and commercialization of vaccines and novel formulation and delivery systems for livestock and human diseases. VIDO

is a financially self-reliant, non-profit organization owned by the U of Sand operates with substantial support from the Government of Canada and the governments of Alberta and
Saskatchewan, as well as industry competitive grants.
The CIHR is the Government of Canada's agency for health research. CIHR's mission is to create new scientific knowledge and to catalyze its translation into improved health, more effective health

services and products, and a strengthened Canadian health care system. Composed of 13 institutes, CIHR provides leadership and support to close to 10,000 health
researchers and trainees across Canada.
For more information:
Tess Laidlaw,Communications Officer, VIDO University of Saskatchewan,(306) 966-1506, ,
Marie-France Poirier,CIHR Media Relations,(613) 941-4563, ,

om ajunge oare la mana lor ....
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Donator pentru diana
 Romania, iasiIASI
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nevoia ma-mpinge sa dau cu batu`, mamica a fost depistata cu virusul c, medicul spune ca este in faza incipienta a bolii. vin c-o intrebare la voi, stiti vreun linc unde-as putea gasi mai multe despre regimul alimentar adecvat acestui tip de hepatita? si m-ar mai interesa, poate stie careva dintre voi, cam cit ar costa medicamentul dr.Ciuhri?

Carmen, Ilinca, Ionut
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Imi pare rau sa aud asta. Si mama mea are hepatita C.
Uite aici un link.

Imi poti spune ce simptome a avut, de i s-a descoperit boala? Sau a fost un control de rutina.

Multa sanatate!

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 Romania, Bucuresti
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Buna ziua,ma simt datoare pentru ca m-am jurat la un moment dat "sa propovaduiesc" celor depistati cu virus C si sa le impartasesc din experienta familiei mele.Lasa-ti insectele,lasati aloe vera,lasati toate prostiile si mergeti de urgenta la medic.Nu exista NIMIC pe lumea asta in afara de INTERFERON.Face-tiva biopsia,viremia si urmati tratamentul.Noi nu am urmat calea asta,astazi tatal meu este pe moarte.Hepatita C netratata cu interferon a degenerat in cancer hepatic cu metastaze generalizate.E foarte greu de luptat cu virusul.

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Din cate am inteles, nu la toti cu hepatita C se recomanda Interferon. Depinde de stadiul bolii.
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Donator pentru diana
 Romania, iasiIASI
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Trimis la: - 21/10/2006 :  14:51:42 Link direct catre acest raspuns  Arata profilul  Trimite mesaj yahoo luicarmenp Adauga semn de carte la raspuns Trimite carmenp un Mesaj Privat
ea isi face analizele periodic mai ales de cind se stie cu hepatita cronica si uite-asa isi descoperi virusu`c... nu, nu se simtea rau. astazi si-a repetat analiza la un alt laborator, rezultatele vin miercuri dar nu cred in minuni.
Originally posted by copiloi

Imi pare rau sa aud asta. Si mama mea are hepatita C.
Uite aici un link.

Imi poti spune ce simptome a avut, de i s-a descoperit boala? Sau a fost un control de rutina.

Multa sanatate!


Carmen, Ilinca, Ionut
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Si eu pe cineva drag care A AVUT aceasta boala, dar din fericire tocamai am aflat ca s-a vindecat, analizele sunt ok, viremia la fel....deci nu disperati...aveti incredere in INTERFERONUL PEGASIS !!! Sanatate multa!


"Traim intr-o era in care pizza ajunge la noi acasa mai repede decat
politia." Jeff Marder.
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 Romania, Bucuresti
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Trimis la: - 20/11/2006 :  13:11:16 Link direct catre acest raspuns  Arata profilul Adauga semn de carte la raspuns Trimite ancuca_b un Mesaj Privat
Am gasit aceste trat.naturiste,care sper sa va fie de folos in rezolvarea problemelor voastre;
Boli de ficat, in special hepatita C

Se prepara borsul de sfecla: 1 kg sfecla rosie taiata bucati, o legatura de patrunjel, o legatura marar, o legatura leustean, o capatana de usturoi, o lingurita de drojdie sau o mana de malai.
Deasupra lor se toarna apa si se lasa la macerat la temperatura camerei.
Cand lichidul este gata acrit, se strecoara si se reumple borcanul cu apa. Borsul care rezulta a doua oara este mai slab. Din prima strecurare se beau cate doua pahare/zi, iar din a doua , cate 4 pahare/zi.
Borsul se poate bea in tot cursul anului. Este bun si in bolile de plamani si ca depurativ general al organismului.
Curatarea ficatului

Se fierb 40 gr galbenele timp de 10 minute intr-un litru de apa.
Aceasta cantitate se bea in cursul zilei de trei ori/zi, cu 20 minute inainte de masa. Tratamentul dureaza 2-3 saptamani.
Dezintoxicarea ficatului

Se bea un amestec de sucuri timp de 7 zile, seara cu o jumatate de ora inainte de culcare din: 2 morcovi, 1 radacina de patrunjel, o ridiche neagra, 3 mere.


- Ceai de anghinare: infuzie 10 minute din 2 lingurite de planta in 750 ml apa clocotita. Se bea cantitatea intreaga in cursul unei zile in mai multe reprize.
- Ceai din fructe de armurariu (protejeaza si reface celula hepatica), infuzie 10 minute din: 2 lingurite de fructe zdrobite in 300 ml apa clocotita. Se bea o ceasca dimineata pe stomacul gol (150 ml); 75 ml dupa masa de pranz si 75 ml seara.
- Ceai de rostopasca (decongestioneaza ficatul); infuzie 10 minute din: 1 lingurita la 200 ml apa clocotita. Se imparte cantitatea in 3 si se bea pe parcursul zilei, timp de 10 zile.
- Ceai de pedicuta: infuzie 10 minute din o lingurita de planta la 250 ml apa clocotita. Se bea dimineata pe stomacul gol cu 1/2 ora inaintea micului dejun.
- 50 gr muguri de mesteacan se pun in 500 ml vodca timp de 10 zile. Se bea cate o lingurita din preparat cu putina apa de 3 ori/zi cu 15- 20 minute inaintea meselor.
- Din 2 catei de usturoi pisati amestecati cu sare se fac doua „bile“ care se tin sub buza superioara, atata timp cat suporta bolnavul. Se repeta tratamentul 3 zile consecutiv, dupa care se reia o data la doua zile. Dupa 10 zile, vindecarea este garantata. Acest usturoi, se pare ca distruge tocmai virusul.
- In fiecare seara, inainte de culcare se inghite o lingura de ulei de seminte de dovleac presat la rece si se sta pe partea dreapta 1/2 ora (Este foarte eficient si in adenomul de prostata).

Hepatite, ateroscleroza, anemie

Se prepara cidrul din fructe de catina astfel: se iau 400 gr fructe uscate sau 1 si 1/2 kg fructe proaspete si se pun in 10 litri apa impreuna cu 3 kg zahar. Se lasa la fermentat 10-15 zile. La suprafata se formeaza, de obicei, o pelicula uleioasa pe care e bine s-o adunati si s-o depozitati separat, caci este foarte eficienta in tratamentul ranilor greu vindecabile sau al arsurilor severe.
Dupa ce cidrul este gata, se strecoara si se beau cate 50 ml/zi inainte de masa principala.

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 Romania, piatra-neamtNEAMT
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sotul meu v-a intra in sfarsit la rand pt tratamentul cu interferon si ribavirina.dupa un an de zile de cand am depus dosarul.i s-a cerut sa repete viremia care acum este f mare .de la 438000 anul trecut acum este stiu ce sa mai zic.restul analizelor sunt bune.transaminazele sunt cele care cresc si descresc.a facut lunar tratam cu arginina si silimarina si vitamine .cu toate astea viremia a crescut foarte foarte mult intr-un an.acum asteptam.cel mai probabil o sa inceapa tratam in este frica de efectele adverse dar sper sa le depasim cu succes.
sanatate multa la toti

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